CUSIP 575579E94

  • ISIN: US575579E940
  • Entity Name: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
  • Sector: Municipal Agency
  • Announcement Date: 01-Jul-2018
  • Effective Date: *****
  • Issue Date: *****
  • Maturity Date: 01-Jul-2026
  • Country of Issuer: United States
  • Region: N.Amer
  • Issue Currency: United States of America Dollars
  • CA Type: Standby Bond Agreement
  • News: This STANDBY BOND PURCHASE AGREEMENT (2018 SUBSERIES A-1) is dated as of June 1, 2018, by and between MASSACHUSETTS BAY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (together with its successors and assigns permitted hereunder, the Issuer), a body politic and corporate, constituting a public instrumentally of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and STATE STREET BANK AND TRUST COMPANY (together with its successors and assigns, the Bank). W I T N E S E T H : WHEREAS, the Issuer has issued its $95,610,000 Senior Sales Tax Bonds, Variable Rate Demand Obligations, 2018 Series A, Subseries A-1 (the Bonds) pursuant to the terms of the Sales Tax Bond Trust Agreement (as hereinafter defined); WHEREAS, the Supplemental Trust Agreement (as hereinafter defined) provides that the Bonds may bear interest at a Daily Rate, a Weekly Rate or at a Fixed Rate; WHEREAS, pursuant to the terms of the Supplemental Trust Agreement and subject to the conditions described therein, the Bonds bearing interest at Daily and Weekly Rates are subject to tender for purchase by the holders thereof at various times before the maturity thereof; WHEREAS, the Bonds currently bear interest at the Weekly Rate; WHEREAS, the Issuer wishes to provide liquidity for the purchase of Bonds bearing interest at the Weekly Rate (the Covered Rate) tendered for purchase by the holders thereof pursuant to the terms of the Bonds and the Supplemental Trust Agreement that are not remarketed by the Remarketing Agent; WHEREAS, the Bank is willing to purchase Eligible Bonds (as defined herein) tendered for purchase by the holders thereof and not remarketed, upon the terms and conditions set forth in this Standby Bond Purchase Agreement (2018 Subseries A-1) (including any and all amendments and supplements hereto permitted pursuant to the terms hereof, this Agreement); and WHEREAS, in reliance upon, inter alia, the provisions hereof, the Bank is willing to enter into this Agreement with the Issuer. For Bond Document please visit
  • Description: Municipal Name: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority CUSIP: 575579E94 Currency: USD Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority announced today that it has entered into Standby Bond Purchase Agreement amended relating to Series 2018A, Variable Rate Demand Obligations Bonds.
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