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Muni Alerts monitors US municipal disclosures information to save the time and cost of searching through multiple irrelevant disclosures. The platform enables portfolio managers and market participants to focus on researching granular information embedded in the disclosure. more

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The primary focus is to cover a comprehensive number of Muni actions enacted by the issuer and ensure these are transmitted to the user accurately and in a structured manner for ease of application either as a data feed or email alert. We provide the mapping support more

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Muni Alerts can be provided as a defined XML or CSV feed in line with clients' portfolios to enable straight through processing to existing client applications. MATS (Muni Action Tracking Service) delivers over 200 data points which facilitate up-to-date and accurate information, more

Data Unleashed

All of the Municipal Disclosure provided on Muni Alerts are made available by FactEntry.

MA Event

  • Municipal Disclosure
  • Asset Updates
  • Conversions and Exchanges
  • Covenant Updates
  • Debt Amendments
  • Entity Updates
  • Issuances and Retaps
  • Legal Announcements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Payment Defaults
  • Redemptions
  • Restructuring Bankruptcy and Insolvency

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