• ISIN: US34682GHX97
  • Entity Name: Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 185
  • Sector: Municipal Agency
  • Announcement Date: *****
  • Effective Date: *****
  • Issue Date: *****
  • Maturity Date: *****
  • Country of Issuer: *****
  • Region: N.Amer
  • Issue Currency: *****
  • CA Type: Rating Upgrade
  • News: This Event Notice is given pursuant to Rule 15c2-12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The information contained herein is provided solely to comply with the contractual commitments of Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 185 (Issuer) to provide such information. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on October 10, 2018, Moodys Investors Service (Moodys) upgraded its rating on Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 185s general obligation unlimited tax debt from Baa1 to A3. The rating listed above reflects only the views of Moodys at the time such rating is given, and the Issuer makes no representation as to the appropriateness of said rating. There is no assurance that this rating will continue for any given period of time or that it will not be revised or withdrawn entirely if, in Moodys judgment, circumstances so warrant. Any explanation of the Moodys rating may be obtained from Moodys Investors Service, 7 World Trade Center at 250 Greenwich Street, New York, New York 10007. The information set forth herein has been obtained from records of the Issuer and other sources which are considered reliable. Any statement in this Event Notice which includes a matter of opinion, whether or not expressly so stated, is intended as such, and not as a representation of fact. The information contained herein is provided as of the respective date specified above and is subject to change without notice. The filing of this Event Notice shall not, under any circumstances, create any implication that there has been no other change in the affairs of the Issuer.
  • Description: *****
  • Bond Document:
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