CUSIP 246352EX2

  • ISIN: US246352EX26
  • Entity Name: Delaware River Port Authority
  • Sector: Municipal Agency
  • Announcement Date: *****
  • Effective Date: *****
  • Issue Date: *****
  • Maturity Date: *****
  • Country of Issuer: *****
  • Region: N.Amer
  • Issue Currency: *****
  • CA Type: Consent Solicitation Amend
  • News: Pursuant to an Indenture of Trust, dated as of July 1, 1998, as amended and supplemented to date (as amended and supplemented, the ""1998 Revenue Bond Indenture""), the Delaware River Port Authority (the ""Authority"") has issued its outstanding revenue bonds (collectively the ""Bonds"") to finance and refinance, among other things, certain capital projects of the Authority. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this notice shall have the meanings set forth in the 1998 Revenue Bond Indenture. In conjunction with its anticipated issuance of three (3) series of Additional Bonds (collectively, the ""2018 Revenue Bonds"") expected to occur on December 18, 2018, the Authority has determined to amend the 1998 Revenue Bond Indenture with the primary goals of: (i) modifying the definition of Investment Securities, (ii) modifying the definition of Government Obligations, (iii) adding new definitions for Money Market Mutual Funds, Municipal Obligations and NRSRO, (iv) modifying certain Net Revenue testing periods related to the incurrence of Additional Bonds from an 18-month test period to a 24-month test period, (v) allowing for the use of a previous year Net Revenue estimate where traffic engineer estimates do not extend as far as the final maturity for certain debt in the context of certain additional bonds tests, (vi) extending the period under which consent may be obtained for certain amendments to the 1998 Revenue Bond Indenture, (vii) permitting deemed consent to amendments to the 1998 Revenue Bond Indenture by purchasing bondholders of future issues of Bonds without the necessity of receiving Bondholder consent in writing, and (viii) requiring that the Authority, and not the Trustee, prepare and file tax information and returns with the Internal Revenue Service. The proposed amendments (collectively, the ""Amendments"") to the 1998 Revenue Bond Indenture are incorporated in the Fourteenth Supplemental Indenture, expected to be dated the date of issuance of the 2018 Revenue Bonds (the ""Fourteenth Supplemental Indenture""), between the Authority and TD Bank, National Association, as trustee. A draft version of the Fourteenth Supplemental Indenture is included with this notice as Exhibit B and is on file at the office of the Authority`s Chief Financial Officer for inspection by all Bond owners. In addition, provided below is a link to the Preliminary Official Statement, dated November 28, 2018, setting forth the details of the 2018 Revenue Bonds, including a description of the 1998 Revenue Bond Indenture and the Amendments to be made thereto by the Fourteenth Supplemental Indenture. In order to become effective, the Amendments require, among other things, the written consent of the Holders of not less than a majority in aggregate principal amount of the Bonds then Outstanding. Subject to any extension as provided herein, the consent solicitation pursuant to this Notice and Request for Consent The DRPA is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer shall expire on December 17, 2018 at 5:00 pm EST (the ""Expiration Date""). The Authority currently anticipates the Amendments may become effective as soon as the anticipated delivery date of the 2018 Revenue Bonds; however, the Authority, pursuant to this notice, has one (1) year after the date of the first mailing of the notice of the Amendments to the Holders of the Bonds to gain the required amount of consent (not later than November 29, 2019). If the Authority does not obtain the requisite amount of consent to the Amendments in such time, then the Amendments will not become effective. The Authority expressly reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to extend the Expiration Date. Notice of an extension of the Expiration Date will be given to The Depository Trust Company (""DTC"") and will be effective when such notice of an extension is given. Notice of an extension will also be given through the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) system of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board at Procedures to Consent Any Holder as of the Record Date, November 30, 2018, wishing to consent to the execution of the proposed amendments to the 1998 Revenue Bond Indenture as incorporated in the Fourteenth Supplemental Indenture may direct their respective Direct Participant or Indirect Participant (each, a ""DTC Participant"") to execute a Master Consent (forms of which are being provided separately to the DTC Participants by the Information and Tabulation Agent (as defined below)) on such Holder`s behalf and deliver the executed Master Consent to the Information and Tabulation Agent no later than the Expiration Date. Each DTC Participant has been authorized, by Omnibus Consent from DTC, to consent to the execution of the proposed amendments to the 1998 Revenue Bond Indenture as incorporated in the Fourteenth Supplemental Indenture, with respect to the CUSIP
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