St. Tammany Parish Hospital Service District No. 1

CUSIP *****
  • Issue Currency: *****
  • Announcement Date: 24-Aug-2018
  • News: Pursuant to the Continuing Disclosure Agreement (the Continuing Disclosure Agreement) for the above named issuer (the Issuer), executed and delivered in connection with the referenced bonded indebtedness, notice is hereby given that the Issuer filed the following required items late: Item(s) Filing Due Date Actual Filing Date Days Late 2016 Audited Financial Statements and Operating Data 05/30/2017 05/31/2017 1 2015 Operating Data 05/29/2016 05/30/2016 1 2014 Operating Data 05/30/2015 06/04/2015 5 2014 1st Quarter Report 05/15/2014 08/08/2014 85 2013 Operating Data 05/30/2014 08/08/2014 70 2013 4th Quarter Report 03/01/2014 05/30/2014 90 2013 3rd Quarter Report 11/14/2014 08/02/2018 1,357 2013 2nd Quarter Report 08/14/2014 08/02/2018 1,449 In preparation for the sale of a new issue of bonds, the Issuer recently completed a comprehensive review of its compliance with the ContinuingDisclosureAgreement and submissions to the MSRB for the past five (5) years. While the Issuer has not made any determination as to materiality, it has been determined that the Issuer failed to make the above required filings

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