City of Zumbrota, Minnesota

CUSIP 989790SP6
  • Issue Currency: United States of America Dollars
  • Announcement Date: 09-Aug-2018
  • News: On July 25, 2018, Standard and Poor`s Global Ratings upgraded its rating on tlie State of Minnesota Credit Enhancement Program from ""AA+"" to ""AAA"" Tlie City`s bonds wliicli are in tlie State Credit Enliancement Program (listed below) are upgraded to ""AAA"" witli this action. ISSUER NAME: City of Zumbrota, Minnesota 1) $1,510,000 General Obligation Sewer and Utility Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2009A, issued March 1,2009. Cusip Maturity Par Cusip Maturity Par Number Date Amount Number Date Amount 989790SE1 08/01/2010 $170,000 989790SF8 08/01/2011 $175,000 989790SG6 08/01/2012 $175,000 989790SH4 08/01/2013 $175,000 989790SJO 08/01/2014 $185,000 989790SK7 08/01/2015 $190,000 989790SL5 08/01/2016 $200,000 989790SP6 02/01/2019 $240,000

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