CUSIP 924190CC3

  • ISIN: US924190CC39
  • Entity Name: Vermont Housing Finance Agency
  • Sector: Municipal Agency
  • Announcement Date: *****
  • Effective Date: *****
  • Issue Date: *****
  • Maturity Date: *****
  • Country of Issuer: *****
  • Region: N.Amer
  • Issue Currency: *****
  • CA Type: Standby Bond Extension
  • News: The Substitute Standby Bond Purchase Agreement among the Vermont Housing Finance Agency, Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, as trustee and The Bank of New York Mellon as liquidity provider, dated as of November 1, 2011, as amended, and relating to the above-captioned bonds has been further amended and extended to December 15, 2016 (as so amended, the Standby Bond Purchase Agreement).The Standby Bond Purchase Agreement is attached hereto in Word Searchable PDF format. AMENDMENT NO. 2 TO STANDBY BOND PURCHASE AGREEMENT (this ""Amendment"") is entered into effective as ofNovember 15, 2016 by and among VERMONT HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY, a body politic and corporate organized and existing under the laws of the State of Vermont (the ""Issuer""), WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, a national banking association having trust powers, as Trustee and Tender Agent (together with any successors thereto, the ""Trustee""), and THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON, a New York banking corporation (the ""Bank""). RECITALS WHEREAS: (A) The Issuer, the Bank and the Trustee entered into a certain Standby Bond Purchase Agreement dated as ofNovember 1, 2011 (as heretofore amended, the ""Agreement"") in connection with a portion of the Issuer`s Vermont Housing Finance Agency Multiple Purpose Bonds, 2007 Series A; and (B) The Issuer has requested and the Bank has agreed to extend the Stated Expiration Date set forth in the Agreement, all on the terms and conditions set forth herein. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the agreements and provisions contained herein, the parties hereto hereby agree as follows: Article 1. Definitions. Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to such terms in the Agreement. Article 2. Amendment to Agreement. 2.1 The definition of ""Stated Expiration Date"" set forth in Section 1.01 of the Agreement is deleted in its entirety and the following is substituted therefor: ""Stated Expiration Date"" means 5:00 p.m. on the later of (a) December 15,2016, or (b) the last day of any extension of such date pursuant to Section 8.10 hereof; provided, however, that if the date specified in (a) or (b), as applicable, is not a Business Day, ""Stated Expiration Date"" shall mean the next preceding Business Day. 2.2 The Agreement and the Related Documents and any other agreements, instruments and documents executed and delivered in connection with any of the foregoing, shall each be deemed amended hereby to the extent necessary, if any, to give effect to the provisions of this Amendment. Article 3. Representations and Warranties. The Issuer represents and warrants to the Bank that: (i) the execution, delivery and performance by the Issuer ofthis Amendment are within its organizational powers and has been duly authorized by all necessary action of the governing body of the Issuer, (ii) this Amendment is the legal, valid and binding obligation of the Issuer, enforceable against
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