CUSIP 196626CV5

  • ISIN: US196626CV50
  • Entity Name: City of Colorado Springs
  • Sector: Municipal
  • Announcement Date: *****
  • Effective Date: *****
  • Issue Date: *****
  • Maturity Date: *****
  • Country of Issuer: *****
  • Region: N.Amer
  • Issue Currency: *****
  • CA Type: Letter of Credit Expiration
  • News: City of Colorado Springs, Colorado Variable Rate Demand Revenue Bond (Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Project) Series 2006 Maturity Date Amount Rate CUSIP# 07/01/2021 $7,060,000 VAR 196626CV5 Notice is hereby given to the owners of the above-referenced bonds (the Bonds) of the Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Letter of Credit as security for the payment of the amounts owing under and with respect to the Bonds. The Bonds were issued pursuant to a Trust Indenture dated as of July 1, 2006 (the Indenture) between the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, as bond trustee under the Indenture (the Trustee). In accordance with the requirement of Section 2.06 of the Indenture, the following information is provided in connection with such expiration of the Letter of Credit: The undersigned is the Trustee under the Indenture. 2. Mandatory Tender Date. The Bonds are to be purchased on July 1, 2016 (the Interest Payment Date which next precedes the Letter of Credit Termination Date) at 100% of par upon presentation and surrender thereof on or after the mandatory purchase date at the operations office of the undersigned Trustee. 3. The rating, if any, assigned to the Bonds could be lowered or eliminated following the Bond Purchase Date. For Bond Document please visit
  • Description: *****
  • Bond Document:
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