• ISIN: US13063AHV98
  • Entity Name: State of California
  • Sector: Sub Sovereign
  • Announcement Date: *****
  • Effective Date: *****
  • Issue Date: *****
  • Maturity Date: *****
  • Country of Issuer: *****
  • Region: N.Amer
  • Issue Currency: *****
  • CA Type: Defeasance
  • News: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Treasurer of the State of California (the Treasurer), as Escrow Agent, has acquired and holds in an irrevocable escrow fund within the Refunding Escrow Fund established pursuant to California Government Code Section 16784 (the Escrow Fund), cash and certain permitted investments in an amount sufficient to provide for the payment of the redemption price of and interest on the Defeased Bonds (as defined below) to the redemption date stated below. The State of California general obligation bonds dated and with the respective maturities listed in the table below are referred to herein as the Prior Bonds. At the request of the Treasurer, CUSIP Global Services has issued two sets of new CUSIP numbers for certain maturities of the Prior Bonds as reflected in the table below. The Depository Trust Company (DTC), the securities depository for the Prior Bonds, will determine, in accordance with its operating arrangements, the $5,000 units constituting the portion of each maturity to be defeased in part. DTC will then assign from the set of CUSIP numbers for such maturity, a new CUSIP number to the portion of such maturity to be defeased and a new CUSIP number to the portion of such maturity not being defeased as identified below. The portion of the Prior Bonds that have been defeased are referred to herein as the Defeased Bonds. The portion of the Prior Bonds that have not been defeased are referred to herein as the Remaining Bonds Outstanding. The Defeased Bonds will be paid on the redemption dates identified below from monies and investments held in the Escrow Fund for such purpose. The interest on Defeased Bonds will cease to accrue on the related redemption dates identified below. Unless the Treasurer provides subsequent notice of redemption or defeasance with respect thereto, the Remaining Bonds Outstanding will be paid on the maturity dates identified below, from moneys in the State General Fund, as provided by law. Dated Date Maturity Date Redemption Date Principal Amount Outstanding ($) Interest Rate (%) Redemption Price (%) CUSIP (1306) Defeased Bonds ($) Defeased Bonds New CUSIP (1306) Remaining Bonds Outstanding ($) Remaining Bonds Outstanding New CUSIP (1306) 4/1/2007 8/1/2017 02/01/2017 75,230,000 4.000 100 2TF90 605,000 3C2E9 74,625,000 3C2M1 4/1/2007 8/1/2018 02/01/2017 120,235,000 5.000 100 2TG24 605,000 3C2F6 119,630,000 3C2N9 4/1/2007 8/1/2021 02/01/2017 90,885,000 5.000 100 2TG57 595,000 3C2G4 90,290,000 3C2P4 4/1/2007 8/1/2022 02/01/2017 99,105,000 5.000 100 2TG65 595,000 3C2H2 98,510,000 3C2Q2 4/1/2007 8/1/2023 02/01/2017 99,050,000 5.000 100 2TG73 590,000 3C2J8 98,460,000 3C2R0 4/1/2007 8/1/2024 02/01/2017 98,995,000 5.000 100 2TG81 580,000 3C2K5 98,415,000 3C2S8 4/1/2007 8/1/2025 02/01/2017 102,500,000 5.000 100 2TG99 575,000 3C2L3 101,925,000 3C2T6 6/1/2007 6/1/2022 06/01/2017 6,620,000 4.400 100 3ACB8 6,620,000 0 6/1/2007 6/1/2022 06/01/2017 5
  • Description: *****
  • Bond Document:
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